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06 March 2015
Get Stains Out Of Your Rug
Get Stains Out Of Your Rug

Having rugs around the home adds a charming ambience to any room. Rugs have character and warmth so they are a popular household item. However, rug cleaning can be a challenging aspect of keeping your house clean. Rugs often get stained and suffer a lot of foot traffic over their lifetime and this can be a hassle to attend to during domestic cleaning.

Investing time in removing stains when they occur in your rugs will not only save time later with cleaning chores, but will also increase the longevity of your rug. If your rug is delicate, old or you’re unsure of how to clean, it can be worth hiring a professional cleaning service to do a professional job. You can also contact cleaning companies for further tips and advice on the best way to clean your rug. In the meantime, try some of these handy tips to remove common stains from your rugs.

Mud stains

The first thing to do when mud is dragged inside by someone shoes and trodden over the rug is the get the vacuum cleaner at the ready. You should always be careful when vacuuming a rug and vacuum in the direction of the thread. Avoid moving the vacuum back and forth, rather lift it up and start from the edge and move in the same direction. This will prevent wear and possible tearing to the rug. With mud, take the head of the vacuum and suck it up with just the pipe. After you have got the obvious bits of mud out, then reattach the head and give it a once over.

Liquids spills

The best remedy for these types of spills is some baking powder or bicarbonate soda. Sprinkle some of the powder over the spill and leave it to sit for an hour or so. During this time the powder will absorb the spill, as well as disinfecting the area.

After some time, vacuum up the powder and the stain should be gone. If it is still present, use a solution of the powder diluted with warm water in a spray bottle. Mix the water and add a drop of essence, such as tee-tree oil or an essential oil to act as a deodorant and spray the stain. Then blot carefully using a clean cloth or paper towel. Never rub the area as this will cause the stain to spread. Treat the area carefully while blotting and do not press too harshly or you may damage the fibres in the rug.

Pet stains

Mud and fluff or fur is the most likely offense left on your rug by your pets. When it comes to mud or dirt, vacuuming is the best method of defence. If you have pets in your home regularly, you will want to vacuum your rugs at least once a week to prevent a build-up of dirt getting caught in the fibres. The same goes for fluff and fur. If you pet has an accident on the rug, use lemon juice diluted with water or baking powder/bicarbonate soda diluted with water to absorb the stain and disinfect the area.

Water based stains

If water or a water product spills on the rug, the first thing to do is get a dry cloth or towel and place over the area. Thankfully water won’t damage the fibres of the rug too much, but it is best not to let it soak in. Leave the towel for a while to absorb the water. If the spill is large in size, use a hair dryer to dry it up.

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