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11 July 2014
Most Effective Cleaning Methods
Most Effective Cleaning MethodsIt is virtually impossible to name the most effective cleaning products because by its very name it is something of a misnomer. The best product for a certain cleaning incident (stains, spills, etc.) is the one which is best suited to the individual stain. However, the best cleaning method is very easy to describe. But before you begin, make sure that your cleaning kit is both size and cost effective. Use microfiber towels and a microfiber mop is very handy. To begin with, contrary to popular opinion, it is never the best way to clean room by room. Most people think this is the best approach because you are covering every inch of the room and can shut the door firmly before moving on. However, professional cleaners are synonymous in agreeing that the best way to tackle lengthy cleaning projects is to attempt it task by task. So for example, decide that you will be doing the dusting and ensure that it is completed throughout the entire house before moving on to the next task, whether that is cleaning bathrooms or washing curtains. A good first tip is to start in the bathroom. It is a good place to store products, if nothing else. And when you consider a room, be careful. It’s often best to work left to right and then high to low. This means that every inch is covered and you will avoid disturbing dust on the top which then drops down to the bottom. Tactics like this will pay off. In each room dust thoroughly first. Dry dusting is the best way to do it if you can because wet dusting is a lot harder. However, as long as it is completed, that is fine. Do attend to the top of furniture first because as the dust falls, it will necessarily collect, and therefore you will be cleaning twice over. Save yourself the job and start at the top. Particular attention must be paid to beds. Change all of the sheets for a start, and then consider things like cushions, pillows and throws. If something has a cover (e.g. a pillow) it should be washed, and things that lie around for general use (throws) should also be washed for perfect cleanliness. Pick a nice day when the sun is shining and they can be put into the washing machine and then hung outside to dry. Then of course you will come to the places that get touched the most. These will include things like the phones, light switches, door handles, etc. These carry many germs and will need extra special attention to eliminate them. Make sure that you use antibacterial products, or wipes, and cover every inch of the surface. On an additional note, basins, baths, taps and toilets should be scrubbed. It is preferable to do this on your knees so that you don’t miss any spots inadvertently. Once you have dealt with the difficult areas, ensure that you vacuum throughout the whole property thoroughly. Start at the top and work your way down to the bottom so that every spot is covered. And continuing along the theme of floors, a nylon bristle broom will be your friend. It can be used on most floors, including rugs. A chamois cloth will buff furniture and bring a shine to counter surfaces and furniture, and lastly, to fragrance the home nicely, use essential oils for a nice, natural smell which will compliment your home.

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