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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
       A few people recommended BrentCleaning to me and hiring them for my home cleaning was the best decision I've made in a long time. Really great service all round.    
Chris Walker28/11/2018

       I was really impressed with the house cleaning service. I'll definitely be using Cleaners Brent in the future.    
Ruby M.27/04/2018

       I'm so glad I appointed Brent Cleaning Service. I came across a real gem of a company and a top bunch of cleaners.    
A. Jenner20/11/2017

       My husband spilled some sauce on my favourite rug and I was furious. And to make matters even worse, I was not quite sure about how to clean it, as it was an Oriental rug with an intricate pattern. I thought it best to leave it to the experts and contacted Cleaning Brent. They handled the rug cleaning superbly - they told me they had cleaned hundreds of different rugs and knew the best way to treat every different type so as not to damage it. Perfect service, I'd hire them again without hesitation!    
Celia G.28/09/2016

       After my wife and I had a major home renovation, the house was left looking a real mess and there were building materials left everywhere. We weren't too keen on cleaning up all the mess so we hired Brent Cleaning Service for their builders cleaning service. Within an hour, they left our house looking 100% spotless. All the building materials had been removed and it was left looking immaculate. We were very happy with this service and recommend it.    
Craig Martin21/04/2016

       Nice to see so many people agreeing online that Brent Cleaners are the best house cleaners in the area. In my experience, not only are they the best at achieving results, but they're the best when it comes to prices. I've hired a few different companies in the past, but when I wanted great results, it always felt like I was paying premium prices. Not so with these guys. Gave me a great deal after just a quick phone call. Happy to recommend them to anyone who needs to clean any type of home.    
Patrick Hall05/11/2015

       I had spilled some paint on our new carpet and I wanted to clean it before anyone found out. My wife was away for the weekend so I knew I had time. I called up Brent Cleaners to see if they could do it and they did. They arrived the next day and the stain was soon gone. I'm keeping their number handy just in case this happens again.    
Kevin Founds31/07/2015

       They are always extremely attentive to the details and I really appreciate this. BrentCleaners does my in-depth house cleaning every month and every single time I can see that they actually pay attention to all the details so that they leave behind a job that is perfectly done. Great cleaning company!    
Lola 17/03/2015

       I whole-heartedly recommend BrentCleaners and their wonderful cleaning teams if you want professional cleaning services that aren't going to cost you a fortune! I always rely on this company for my house cleaning, and I've never been let down. I can't imagine how I coped before having my home professionally cleaned on a regular basis, but I love the free time that I now have!    
Angela H.29/01/2015

       I was very happy with the results of my upholstery cleaning service recently. My furniture was looking dusty and grubby so I decided to have it cleaned by the professionals. BrentCleaners did a great job at a great cost. It has made a massive difference and improved the look of my furniture. It has saved me the cost of buying new sofas and curtains. I am so happy with the results, and the house smells so fresh and clean now.    
Pamela M.24/11/2014

       I wish all companies were a bit more like BrentCleaners! When I saw that a mate of mine had a cleaner around I actually teased him a bit for being lazy, but it was actually the cleanest I've ever seen his place! And to be honest, it got me thinking. Since we both work in similar industries and neither of us have a lot of energy left over for cleaning, it did make sense to hire someone. Plus, it's really helped out with our jobs since our places look better! The prices surprised me too (in a good way). It's a lot less stressful these days when having people over, I'd give them a go!    
Paddy Y.23/10/2014

       BrentCleaners was recommended to me by my cousin, since my house needed a bit of care and attention in the cleaning department. I had to do some shopping around, because I'm very selective when it comes to tidiness, but eventually I found the perfect company! From the outset, I could tell I was dealing with a professional. They were friendly, well equipped and extremely knowledgeable. My home looks brilliant, and I feel great as a result. I've already told my friends at work about them, and they've already shown some interest. Both my cousin and the wonderful cleaning staff both have my appreciation!    
Karen W.21/08/2014

       I wanted to surprise my elderly parents with a clean home on their return from a cruise they were on. I had been happy with my cleaning company I used on a monthly basis, so decided to make an appointment with them for my parents. I knew BrentCleaners would do a superb job as they had for me. The work involved a lot of polishing as my Mum had a lot of bits and pieces so I knew it would take time. But, this wasn't a problem; the cleaners were competent and careful with everything and did a great job throughout the hose. My parents were so pleased to come home to an immaculate house, thanks.    
Annabel Worcester24/07/2014

       I hate moving house and I was on a very tight schedule that left me little time for end of tenancy cleaning. BrentCleaners really helped me out with their end of tenancy cleaning service and they left my home looking immaculate! I wasn't sure that a cleaning company was the right choice for me, but the staff put me straight at ease and got right to work. I'm considering hiring this company as my regular house cleaners because I just couldn't believe what a fantastic job they'd done on my home! Great service, great prices, great staff! All my thanks!    

       I owned several rental properties and the tenants had left them in a bit of a mess when they moved out. I wanted a reliable cleaning service to deal with the end of lease cleaning at short notice. A pal suggested I call BrentCleaners and I did. They were able to send cleaners out the next day to get the properties back in a neat and clean order. The team did all of the properties for me at a very affordable cost. The work was very good, and I will certainly use their service again. The work was exceptional, thanks.    
A. Townsend12/06/2014

       I was in need of a carpet clean service because my carpeted flooring was looking grubby and had a few spillages from the children. My Mum gave me the phone number of a company she had used and was happy with. So I called BrentCleaners and discussed my situation, they were helpful and arranged a consultation. The staff member arrived promptly and accessed the job. He gave me an accurate costing of which I was extremely pleased with and booked a date. The carpet clean work was done with no hitches and the result was wonderful. My carpets looked brilliant and smelt fresh and sanitised.    
Michelle Busell26/05/2014

       In a world where you can get almost everything done for you, I do tend to reject the notion of help, but I have one weakness. I have always used BrentCleaners to clean my place, and I have no guilt in the matter, because they are incredible! I am always bowled over by how excellent they are with their cleaning ability, as well as how polite and well valued they are. I am always pleased to give them their money, as the job is always a good one. You can't beat a service like that, because they are so rare now a days.    
Sean P.14/05/2014

       There are a great many benefits that can come with getting a good cleaner round, especially if you are a busy working mum like me! I rarely have time to sit down and watch TV, let alone clean properly, so I recently decided to give the whole ‘cleaner' thing a go. BrentCleaners were the first service that I found, and I was incredibly impressed with how good they were with everything. From cleaning the whole house to an extra bit of ironing, it was all easy and very well valued! I will be using them again, and very soon indeed!    
Kellie Hunter29/04/2014

       Used this company to prepare for Christmas over at my house and I was astounded at how clean the house looked. We wanted a one-off full house clean before the children came home from various Universities around the country, and because it was Christmas I was already too busy, and more importantly I couldn't be bothered doing it myself. I could never have cleaned to such an excellent standard. This was a great service and didn't cost too much either, all of their staff were very professional as well as being lovely people to chat to. Don't think you can go wrong here, a very easy company to deal with.    
Sean I.08/04/2014

       I own a block of flats and even though each tenant is responsible to clean the flat, I often need someone to clean the common areas such as the hallway, conservatory and stairs. I called BrentCleaners not sure if they would have a service to suit me. Of course, they were more than happy to help me and the very next day they were at the building, cleaning away. They did the job very well and rather quickly which meant that there were no disruptions to tenants. I wasn't overcharged and they are always punctual and consistent. I have and will continue to use them regularly!    
Samantha B.27/03/2014

       This is a brilliant cleaning company, and though I don't usually write reviews, I thought that BrentCleaners really deserves it! I called the company because I wanted to hire a cleaner for my house. Due to growing work commitments I found myself unable to cope with the cleaning that needed doing in my home, and after reading lots about the company, I chose to call them. I didn't think that any cleaner would be able to tackle the stains in my carpets or the dirt in my bathroom, but this company proved me wrong! I came home to a spotless house and I couldn't be more pleased! Thanks!    
Elliot J.25/02/2014

       The carpets in our house do tend to get worn quite heavily, what with all the footfall that passes over them, both human and animal. My husband and I discussed what we could do to try and keep them clean, as we were fed up with continually getting out the cleaning products in a pointless attempt to maintain cleanliness. We searched the internet and decided upon a regular carpet clean from BrentCleaners. They really do work hard to keep your carpets clean. They come every few months with their machines and save us a lot of trouble. Thanks guys.    
Dana Elksham30/01/2014

       Knowing as I do, the importance of a clean office, having a decent cleaner in after work every night is essential. My staff would strike if I did not have BrentCleaners in every evening, as the office gets really rather messy and dusty as the day goes on. In our industry there is a lot of running about between rooms and the use of machines, which can cause a lot of dust, so daily cleaning needs to be done, and done well! The team form the cleaning company are always nice to deal with, very discreet, and always leave the place looking amazing!    
Victor Taylor07/01/2014